Simplifya's Dashboard offers an overarching view of your compliance activity, and is the key to improving communication and resolution of non-compliance through Simplifya.

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This section covers Simplifya's "Audits" module, its features, and how they can save you time and make compliance as easy as possible. Learn things like how to create and conduct audits, how to assign remediation tasks to your team, and how to track remediation, and keep your team accountable.

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Action Items

Action Items are the lynchpin of the Simplifya system, and a business's best friend for making sure everyone is held accountable for compliance.


SOPs (or "Standard Operating Procedures") brings your hard copy SOPs into the digital realm. This section covers everything about Simplifya's SOPs modules, including the assigning and versioning of SOPs and how to use Simplifya's SOP Template Library feature.

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License Tracker

Simplifya's License Tracker gives you a flexible way to track business licenses, badges, or any relevant renewal items for your business. This section covers what you need to know about adding and managing your licenses.

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Smart Cabinet

Everything you need to know about Simplifya's file storage solution. Learn how to work within Simplifya's task-based system ("Documents") to keep your document compliance efficient.

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Company Settings

A comprehensive view of the Settings module. Visible only to the Administrator of a company, it's the hub for adding and updating your business locations, payment methods, and other company info such as payment history.

Users: Managing who's on your account

The Users module, visible only to the Administrator and Managers, gives you the ability to add new users, control user roles, and attach users to different locations throughout your company.


This section covers the personal settings of your Simplifya account such how to manage which email notifications you receive, and how to change your email address, password, and name on your account.